Anonymous asked:

Hi the pic which you reblogged of Chris and Darren as royalty with the pics zoomed in on Chris's hand.. I didn't get it... What is it focusing on

mleigh69 answered:

Hi hon

this pic

the post is about the fact that Chris was touching Darren - which was breaking one of their rules

second - as shown when you focus in - not only did chris touch Darren to put on his hat

when he put his hand around Daren - he kept a hold on Darren’s shoulder with his pinkie and index finger despite that he was holding up the flag



Kurt is having pre-wedding jitters. He has a nightmare that Karofsky is with Blaine romantically. He wakes up screaming. Blaine is right there in bed next to him and comforts him. Reassures him.

Karosfky is really there to attend all the pre-wedding activities and the…