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I just wanted to point out that unlike the majority of people may think, in my opinion Kurt is the strong and protecting one. I’m not saying Blaine isn’t strong but I just feel that Kurt’s always underestimated by people because he’s more feminine than Blaine. But look at him. It feels like he’s always trying to make sure that Blaine is comfortable and that he feels safe when they are together, and Blaine obviously does. Look at them just sitting in the couch. Blaine half-resting his back on Kurt’s chest, Kurt’s arm above Blaine’s shoulders… It just looks so protective to me, and it looks like Blaine feels so safe there that he is almost oblivious to anything that’s happening around him.

Then look at them in the make up scene. Blaine feels so relieved knowing that Kurt’s always gonna be there for him, and Kurt’s face is saying “Oh my silly boy. I will love you and I will protect you and our relationship no matter what happens.” Blaine is so afraid of losing him because he’s his anchor, his soulmate, his everything, and knowing that Kurt feels the same no matter how many troubles they go through, is the most perfect feeling ever.

I’m pretty sure most of us would agree with you actually

That’s true love 


my conversation with chris in burlington

  • me: hi again!
  • chris: hi! good to see you again!
  • me: *hands brian's gift to him* this is for brian. look at the star wars stuff!
  • chris: oh my god that is so cute
  • me: you should take a picture of him wearing it. also *hands picture of brian i drew* this is brian with his anti-cooper sign
  • chris: *laughs hysterically*
  • me: because he looks so mad in every picture with cooper
  • chris: oh he his. if you met him he's hysterical. if he was sitting here next to me right now he'd be glaring at everyone
  • me: *giggles* i really am brian's biggest friends all say that
  • chris: awww!!
  • me: also i just wanted to say... (I finally looked him in the eyes at this point and I started tearing up) i'm sorry i'm getting emotional
  • chris: no it's okay!
  • me: i've been having a really hard time lately and you keep me alive
  • chris: awww thank you *takes my hand and holds it*
  • me: you really mean a lot to me, so thank you
  • chris: no thank you
  • me: *now actually legit crying* bye chris
  • chris: bye!